Life is short and nature in Hokkaido is unspeakably beautiful...
So what are you waiting for?   Gone Fish'n!!!

In addition to it catching a fish to think that is the happiest because there am I as a hobby of fishing thoroughly enjoy an outlook, the beauty by the whole all day long, and is that tie it as a splendid memory, and can put it together Sir Edward Gray

Just his words which it is the politician of this Britain in early the 20th century,
 and are also just the authors of "fly-fishing"

They are the foundations of our fishing tour.

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Tom'sRainbow in Lake Kussharo


We offer tailor-made fishing trips in the spectacular eastern Hokkaido Japan with a professional fishing guide - fly fishing in rivers, streams and lakes, thread lining (spinning), trolling for both Rainbow, Brown Trout and Native Japanese Trout. - Amemasu(A Kind of Char) , Oshorokoma( Dolly Varden) -
 We cater for everyone from beginners to specialists.

East Hokkaido, nature which are still rich now are left, and the area that seems to be Hokkaido most, it is the DOTO area that this place, we do with a foothold.

One of the most famous spring creek in Japan, Nishibetsu River.
Kushiro River that is drifted to go in the inside of marshland.
The violent mountains stream,
Shari River and Churui River.
mysterious Lake,
Lake Kussharo
and Lake Akan.
And looking forward to you on these inland waters side, they are Rainbow trout,
Brown trout, Brook Trout, Oshorokoma, Amemasu, Yamane.
Pink salmon and Chum salmon going up from the sea by the time, and also Ito
that usually living in the depth of marshland.

Of course, we provide English speaking guides for you.

Nishibetsu River




Fishing Method



Not only the sight-fishing in the stream, you can enjoy that you aim the rise with a dry fly in the stream which flows you go. Also, you can enjoy fly fishing too while you use drift boat, and going down a river.

And you can aim at big trout making an excursion with spotting and stoking in the lake using the fishing boat.

Enjoyment gives the fly fishing in Hokkaido that is exciting.




John !




Drift Boat Fishing


1m20cm、2008/12/14 釧路川



Small minnow or a spoon is used. Although site fishing is impossible, you can enjoy the fight with Big Trout in a lake.

Moreover, you can enjoy Spin-fishing using the drift boat or the fishing boat as well as fly-fishing.

Enjoy the fighting with trout, using light tackle.   It is possible for the pleasure that it was done.




The fishing boat is used and it is to Lake Kussharo or Lake Akan.

It is the the best for a family companion, a group, etc. Please enjoy a fish & cruise leisurely in Nature.

ボストンホエラー、モントーク17Lake Kussharo



The fishing boat is used and it is to Lake Kussharo or Lake Akan.

We specialise in harling (trolling a fly) for hands-on action and guaranteed success.Please enjoy the fight with the rainbow which repeats a jump. Of course, the combine with fly-fishing or spin fishing is also OK. Moreover, a glimpse of the pleasure of fly-fishing can be caught also to a fly-fishing beginners.

Rainbow in Kussharo



TEDDY SAITO experienced fly fisher for over 39 years, in particular a difficult thing does not say.
Through a play of "fishing", will enjoy beautiful nature of this Hokkaido to the full.
I plot it to let the fishing that is not completed of very experiencing it be popular secretly in other area.
Please ask me anything willingly.
A WHAT'S COOL is sight fishing on a stream and drift boat fishing.


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Teddy Saito



Teddy Saito


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